Hello there. We understand you might wish to contact us from time to time, and that's cool. If it's for general chatting, try our Facebook and Twitter pages, but if you have a specific query, you might need the following contacts:

Editorial queries should go to contact@fourfourtwo.com - yes, it's a general email, but that means we all access it and decide who's the right person to follow it up. You can phone us on 020 8267 5661 but please bear in mind that we're frequently rather busy and we'll probably end up asking you to email us anyway so we can, well, decide who's the right person to follow it up.

Advertising queries to 442ads@haymarket.com or 020 8267 5741. 

Subscriptions and back issues are dealt with elsewhere, so there's little point ringing us up. We'll only ask you to email442@servicehelpline.co.uk or call 08456 777 811. (Overseas readers should ring +44 (0)1795 415 555, except US & Canada queries, which go to haymarket@imsnews.com or 1-866-918-1446.)

And that's it, really. Thanks!

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