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  • Performance Lab: Lionel Messi
    Pro Tips

    Performance Lab: Lionel Messi

    Barça’s record-breaker has it all. FFT breaks down the ingredients that make him an unstoppable force so you too can reign supreme

  • Suffocate the opposition
    Pro Tips

    Suffocate the opposition

    Swarm your rivals and win back possession with these tips from Barcelona’s pressing machine

  • Be your team’s ironman

    Be your team’s ironman

    Get fitter than ever during the off-season with a swim, ride and run, says Barcelona’s new boss

  • Feed your engine

    Feed your engine

    Barça and Spain’s tireless full-back, Jordi Alba, 
on optimising performance with the food 
on your plate

  • FourFourTwo trains with Andres Iniesta

    FourFourTwo trains with Andres Iniesta

    FFT takes to the pitch with the Barça genius to find out just what it takes to become an all-time great. “Let’s recreate my World Cup goal!” he smiles. Oh, go on then...

  • Dance away from defenders

    Dance away from defenders

    Have more than one trick up your sleeve and you'll beat your marker time and again, advises Tello

  • Thierry Henry: Finishing at speed

    Thierry Henry: Finishing at speed

    The New York Red Bulls forward and Arsenal and France legend explains the art of scoring while sprinting

  • Be a full-throttle full-back
    Pro Tips

    Be a full-throttle full-back

    Want to tear up and down the flank all game? Spain’s attacking defender has what you need

  • Xavi: Master the pass

    Xavi: Master the pass

    Keep your team-mates happy with perfect delivery every time, with tips from Barcelona and Spain’s legendary string-puller

  • Forge a match-winning bond

    Forge a match-winning bond

    Humility and hard work can propel your team to success, says Barcelona and Spain's gung-ho full-back, Jordi Alba

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