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  • How to do high intensity interval training for football
  • Train to play the pressing game

    Train to play the pressing game

    We have the lowdown on conditioning your body for a remorseless assault on the opposition

  • The importance of efficient movement

    The importance of efficient movement

    Assess, correct and improve the way you get round a football pitch with this video

  • Beef up like Bale

    Beef up like Bale

    Earn a body worthy of lining up next to Real Madrid’s Welsh superstar with these lunchtime workouts – they’ll turn you from scrawny to brawny in just four weeks

  • Quick player. Rapid recovery

    Quick player. Rapid recovery

    Daniel Sturridge’s vulnerable thigh has shown the importance of a speed player’s recovery plan. Accelerate your recuperation and slow down your injuries with FFT’s guide

  • Get fast on your feet

    Get fast on your feet

    Build speed and agility by tackling a course of mini-hurdles

  • Shut down your opponent

    Shut down your opponent

    Swarm your rival with explosive speed and power, thanks to this drill from Callum Walsh, head of athletic development at Wigan

  • Ladder to success

    Ladder to success

    Make sure you’re first to the ball when it counts thanks to this plyometric workout

  • Play like a Playstation player
    Pro Tips

    Play like a Playstation player

    Ever imagine you could tear up your Sunday league game like a FIFA 15 cover star? Imagine no more – FFT Performance has workouts to turn you into a computer-generated beast

  • Become a true visionary
    Pro Tips

    Become a true visionary

    Your eyes are the first cue to that killer pass, 
Cruyff turn or wonder save, so why don’t we 
train them like our body? Good question…