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Power boosting gym workout FEATURED ARTICLE:

Power boosting gym workout

Want the strength and power you need to dominate the game? Use this gym workout to get it

  • Shut down your opponent

    Shut down your opponent

    Swarm your rival with explosive speed and power, thanks to this drill from Callum Walsh, head of athletic development at Wigan

  • Ladder to success

    Ladder to success

    Make sure you’re first to the ball when it counts thanks to this plyometric workout

  • Train your muscle to move

    Train your muscle to move

    Beat your opponents to the ball every time with quick feet and explosive agility thanks to this drill

  • Getting sharp is as easy as A, B, C

    Getting sharp is as easy as A, B, C

    Use the alphabet drill to leave your opponents rooted to the spot, says Performance enhancement specialist, Nick Grantham

  • The only weight you need: Your body

    The only weight you need: Your body

    Bulging biceps and perky pecs might impress those at the gym, but it won’t get you far on the pitch. You need to be a lean, mean, footballing machine – and you can become one at home

  • Build a stronger core

    Build a stronger core

    Stick to this workout and you’ll be able to fend off defenders and change direction at speed

  • Energise your endurance

    Energise your endurance

    Outrun your opponents with superior match-fitness thanks to this energy-boosting drill

  • Turn a park into a gym

    Turn a park into a gym

    Who wants to be stuck inside pumping iron when the sun’s out? Keep fit for free this summer with FFT’s outdoor workout. Your dog will thank you for it!

  • Core strengthening workout

    Core strengthening workout

    Improve your performance with a super strong core

  • Be your team’s ironman

    Be your team’s ironman

    Get fitter than ever during the off-season with a swim, ride and run, says Barcelona’s new boss