Office workout for your back

Stuck at the office, with no time to prepare your dodgy back for football? No problem. Gerry Ramogida, performance therapist with UK Athletics, has the essential office workout for you
Hunched over in an uncomfortable chair and staring at a computer screen all day is not the best way to prepare your back for a game of football.

In fact, it's also damaging for posture and can raise the risk of high blood pressure, a lethargic metabolism and weight gain.

Spending hours seated in a chair is also very damaging to the spine - having a debilitating effect on breathing and digestion.

Before reaching for a girdle, give FFT five minutes and we will help you keep your back in shape and prepare it for the demands of football thanks to expert advice from Gerry Ramogida, consultant chiropractor for the Seattle Seahawks and performance therapist with UK Athletics.

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