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James Milner: Me and My Boots FEATURED ARTICLE:

James Milner: Me and My Boots

Manchester City and England midfielder on why stylish footwear matters

  • The adidas Primeknit 2.0

    The adidas Primeknit 2.0

    Slicker than your grandma's knitwear and tighter than your girlfriend's hot pants. Ladies and gentleman, doff your cap to the adidas Primeknit 2.0

  • The 99g boot

    The 99g boot

    The world's lightest football boot

  • The marker that you can’t shake

    The marker that you can’t shake

    Amateurs, beware: your days of coasting through 90 minutes with a hangover are all over. This clever new device means the gaffer can scrutinise your dismal output... so get running!

  • Wrap up for wintertime

    Wrap up for wintertime

    From wind-resistant jackets to portable hand-warmers, make sure you’re equipped to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at you with FFT’s essential kit guide. In your face, January!

  • Stewart Downing: Me and My Boots

    Stewart Downing: Me and My Boots

    West Ham United's classy midfielder on why he prefers to squeeze into tight boots and cut his laces

  • Gear up for your best season yet

    Gear up for your best season yet

    You might not match Ronaldo on the pitch, but you can in the style stakes. Follow FFT’s essential kit guide and you’ll trot on to the pitch looking the part... even if your first touch is a 10-yard pass

  • Boots built for hunting

    Boots built for hunting

    adidas product manager Antoine Hadjimanolis, tells you everything you need to know about the new Predator Instinct

  • Crocked? Hit the deck

    Crocked? Hit the deck

    The floor seems so much harder when you’re coming back from injury – but not any more

  • “This boot will change everything”

    “This boot will change everything”

    Shawn Hoy, footwear product director for Nike football, reveals the inspiration behind the new Mercurial Superfly boot

  • Built for speed

    Built for speed

    The boot of choice for the world’s fastest players. And you.

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