World's lightest boot!

Get those shots in quicker with the Puma v1.10 SL Lightning
World's lightest boot!

They may look like any other pair of football boots, but wait until you pick them up. Puma claims that the v1.10 SL Lightening is the lightest football boot in the world.

At a mere 150g, each boot weighs about the same as an iPhone. Inspired by Jamaican sprinter Usain 'Lightning' Bolt, the boots have a lightweight frame in their soles with a carbon fibre composite insert to enhance speed and stability, plus stud positioning designed to help traction - so less slipping - and support a natural running movement.

They also sport Jamaica's flag colours and motto: 'Out of many, one people.'

And if you can't afford the £250 price-tag, you can see Bolt bantering with Samuel Eto'o for free on Puma's YouTube channel.

Bolt claims the Inter man is "too short to beat me" and that even with this new boots, Eto'o "won't be as fast as me, but he'll definitely be fast".

With Bolt recently revealing that he's planning a second career as a footballer, Eto'o may yet get to reclaim the bragging rights.

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