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How to refuel at half-time FEATURED ARTICLE:

How to refuel at half-time

The Hull City wide man on what to eat at half-time to fuel your second half

  • The post-match handshake

    The post-match handshake

    Forget the pre-game formalities – it’s at the full-time whistle when it really means something

  • Diego Costa: Silence those boo boys

    Diego Costa: Silence those boo boys

    Chelsea’s raging bull on how to transform a venomous atmosphere into goalscoring fuel

  • Mario Gotze's energy-boosting diet

    Mario Gotze's energy-boosting diet

    Ensure you're fueled from start to finish with diet tips from Bayern Munich's creator-in-chief

  • Five-star fuel

    Five-star fuel

    It’s tricky knowing what you should scoff before your post-work five-a-side, so let FFT help

  • Get the most from your roast

    Get the most from your roast

    For the ultimate Sunday indulgence that won’t affect your game, follow FFT’s simple formula: meat, carbs, two sides and any three veg. Just mix and match as you see fit

  • Cocktails for success

    Cocktails for success

    Another long season is over. It’s time to look back on your achievements and prepare to do it all again – here are six fruity fusions to help you drink to that...

  • Appraise your game

    Appraise your game

    The final whistle on your campaign has blown. Now: time for reflection. Was it a success or a failure? Did you give it your all? Assess your season and find out what you must do to improve

  • Feed your engine

    Feed your engine

    Barça and Spain’s tireless full-back, Jordi Alba, 
on optimising performance with the food 
on your plate

  • Get your season off to a flier

    Get your season off to a flier

    Make sure you're ready to hit the ground running with some cerebral training from West Brom's peak performance coach, Tom Bates

  • Fuel for 5-a-side

    Fuel for 5-a-side

    Use this diet plan to charge your body up for the small-sided game