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How to refuel at half-time FEATURED ARTICLE:

How to refuel at half-time

The Palace wide man on what to eat at half-time to fuel your second half

  • Injury prevention training explained

    Injury prevention training explained

    Keep yourself in the game with tips on injury prevention from Southampton's sports medicine and science manager, Mo Gimpel

  •  Soup up your game

    Soup up your game

    Boss the five-a-side pitch by wolfing down these liquid meals before and after every midweek match

  • Don’t seize up

    Don’t seize up

    Three stretches to help combat crippling muscle cramp, from West Bromwich Albion physio Stephen Wright

  • Get back among the goals

    Get back among the goals

    Use these psychological tips from Hull’s Croatian striker to break your barren spell upfront

  • How to stop a bloody nose

    How to stop a bloody nose

    Don't let a bloody nose stop you in your tracks. Plug your bleeding shnozz and stay in the game, thanks to these tips from Bobby Bacic, Millwall's head physio

  • How to avoid injury

    How to avoid injury

    Follow this expert advice from Millwall's head physio, Bobby Bacic, to prevent injury

  • Feed off crowd abuse

    Feed off crowd abuse

    Has the opposition’s solitary fan singled you out for a verbal lashing? Don’t let it get to you thanks to advice from West Brom’s peak performance coach, Tom Bates

  • Cool down your team-mates

    Cool down your team-mates

    Sevilla’s Croatian captain, Ivan Rakitic, on how to calm down team-mates in the middle of a heated battle

  • Forge a match-winning bond

    Forge a match-winning bond

    Humility and hard work can propel your team to success, says Barcelona and Spain's gung-ho full-back, Jordi Alba

  • Rehab like a pro: Week ten

    Rehab like a pro: Week ten

    It’s judgment day for Performance editor Ben Welch. Has he made a full recovery from his back injury? Or is it time to do the merciful thing and put him down?