Football Injuries

  • Rehab like a pro: Week five

    Rehab like a pro: Week five

    Dirty pants, the 11+ and a needle in the back – Performance editor Ben Welch continues his journey from crocked amateur footballer, to fully fit no-hoper

  • Rehab like a pro: Week four

    Rehab like a pro: Week four

    There’s a fine line between pain, pleasure and rehabilitation, as crocked Performance editor, Ben Welch found out...

  • How to pass a medical

    How to pass a medical

    Surviving a rigorous examination can be the difference between completing a dream move and returning to your current club kissing the badge. Here’s FFT’s guide to getting through it

  • Rehab like a pro: Week three

    Rehab like a pro: Week three

    Performance editor Ben Welch finds out just how sensitive the body is during injury rehabilitation

  • Rehab like a pro: Week two

    Rehab like a pro: Week two

    Performance editor, Ben Welch, takes his first steps on the road to recovery

  • Rehab like a pro: Week one

    Rehab like a pro: Week one

    Ever wondered what a crocked pro footballer has to do to get back out on the pitch? Through a weekly blog injury-prone Performance editor, Ben Welch, will fill you in on the costs, methods and psychological impact…

  • Miss playing? Go private

    Miss playing? Go private

    Struggling to shake off an injury? You need a scan to see what’s going on under the bonnet. Rather than ride out an NHS waiting list, fast-track your way back to fitness by going private. It’s not cheap, but you’re worth it…

  • Know your pains

    Know your pains

    Aches, twinges, sprains – the start of the season can hurt. Dr Peter Brukner, Australian cricket doctor and ex-Liverpool physio, explains five common football pains and how to treat them

  • Cold defence

    Cold defence

    Stop your muscles from freezing up with expert advice from Bolton’s head physio Andy Mitchell

  • Lay your game bare

    Lay your game bare

    Plagued by muscle strains? Why not bypass the boots in training and reap the benefits!

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