How to prevent injury: 3 essential rules

Avoid getting crocked with FFT's three-step guide, courtesy of the New York Knicks' performance specialist, Andy Barr
Rather than sustain a painful injury, slog through the subsequent rehabilitation and deal with the failed returns to action, why not make your body injury-proof?

Ok, that's not humanly possible, no one is Superman, but you can reduce the risk of injury by looking after yourself.

How do you do this FFT hears you ask? Well, we've taken the liberty of chatting to the New York Knicks' performance specialist, Andy Barr,  and he's provided us with a simple injury prevention guide for amateur players.

All you have to do is get a notepad and pen and hit play….

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Andy Barr Fitness

Andy Barr

Injury prevention and performance specialist, New York Knicks

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