Frank Lampard: Be first to the ball

Chelsea legend on being the quickest off the mark
Frank Lampard: Be first to the ball
Because I've got no pace I'm always second to the ball. Do you have any tips for improving speed?
Ashley Burns, via email

Frank Lampard says:

“When I was younger my dad told me I wasn’t the quickest and that I had to work hard on it, so ever since then I have done a lot of speed work.

You can’t turn yourself into a speed machine, but you can make small differences by being a step ahead in your mind.

For example, I do five 10-yard sprints from a standing start to work on my speed off the mark.

I’ve played with many players that are quick, but not quite so clever. I think if you’re one step ahead mentally you can have the edge.

Try to read the game: watch your opponents and team-mates so you can anticipate their next move. When you haven’t got the ball, look around you – know what you’re going to do with it before it arrives.”

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