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Diego Costa: Silence those boo boys FEATURED ARTICLE:

Diego Costa: Silence those boo boys

Chelsea’s raging bull on how to transform a venomous atmosphere into goalscoring fuel

  • Talk yourself into winning

    Talk yourself into winning

    Motivational mirror talk, courtesy of leading sports psychologist Dan Abrahams

  • Keep the critics quiet

    Keep the critics quiet

    Don’t let the touchline tormentors get inside your head, says the tricky Hammers playmaker

  • Desktop determination

    Desktop determination

    You’ve vowed to be fitter than ever in 2015. Here’s how to turn a snack-packed office into a motivational springboard…

  • “
Gather round, lads:
 Here’s the plan”

Gather round, lads:
 Here’s the plan”

    It’s a December morning, it’s colder than a penguin’s popsicle and there are two minutes until kick-off. Now is the time to group together before battle to create an unbreakable team spirit

  • Shake off your superstitions

    Shake off your superstitions

    Take control of your matchday by swapping those obsessive pre-game rituals with a performance-boosting dose of reality

  • The post-match handshake

    The post-match handshake

    Forget the pre-game formalities – it’s at the full-time whistle when it really means something

  • Appraise your game

    Appraise your game

    The final whistle on your campaign has blown. Now: time for reflection. Was it a success or a failure? Did you give it your all? Assess your season and find out what you must do to improve

  • Get your season off to a flier

    Get your season off to a flier

    Make sure you're ready to hit the ground running with some cerebral training from West Brom's peak performance coach, Tom Bates

  • Your home, your fortress

    Your home, your fortress

    The game never changes – kick the ball in the opposition’s goal and stop them scoring in yours. So why are teams so much better when playing on their own patch? FFT investigates…

  • How heat and humidity affect the mind

    How heat and humidity affect the mind

    Stay mentally focused every time you feel the heat sucking energy out of your performance

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