George Burley: defending against a winger

Former Ipswich Town full-back and manager George Burley provides his tips on defending well against a nippy winger

So, you're playing at full-back and within two minutes of the game's start you realise the opposition's winger has the pace of Gareth Bale, the trickery of Cristiano Ronaldo and the crossing of David Beckham. Panic stations, right? Wrong.

There's plenty you can do to make sure you and your team don't come to harm from any rampaging runs down your flank. In fact, you can silence that wily wideman altogether. Think of Phil Neville's efficient handling of Bale in the Premier League this season – you see, it is possible.

In this video, experienced manager and former right-back with Scotland and Ipswich, among others, George Burley explains how to keep tabs on your man, and make sure that winger never leaves your pocket.

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George Burley Tactics

George Burley

Former Scotland boss

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