Joe Hart: Positioning at corners

Everything a goalkeeper needs to know about commanding the penalty box, courtesy of Manchester City's and England's No.1
Any goalkeeper worth their salt commands the penalty box at a corner. Whether it’s an inswinger or an outswinger, they charge through the traffic and send the delivery flying clear with a well-timed punch, or grab it with both hands and lay on it like a blanket.

Flap at it, spill it or get blocked by a carefully positioned opponent and they present the opposition with a goalscoring opportunity.

Bossing the penalty box is about timing, positioning, technique and self-belief. Manchester City and England shot-stopper, Joe Hart, is a glovesman who rules his area with authority.

FFT joined the 6ft 5in custodian on the training pitch to find out how he defends his 18-yard fortress.

Joe Hart is an ambassador for Head & Shoulders. To find out more search #HartRateMoment

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