Master technique: Pass and move combinations

Fan of Barcelona's tiki-taka football? Introduce this drill to your training sessions and they will be more akin to La Masia than the Dog and Duck
It's not often you see an amateur team passing the ball around with speed and precision. In fact, it's not often you see an amateur team string more than one pass together.

But rather than hoof the ball forward like a band of shovel footed carthorses, wouldn't it be nice to break the mould and torture your opponents with some slick passing?

We can help you become the Barcelona of Basingstoke or the Arsenal of Aldershot,  if you take the time out to watch this video.

Guided by Alfred Galustian, head of Coerver Coaching, Stoke City's under-15s  perform a drill you can use in your training sessions to polish your touch, control and passing.

For more technical advice visit Coerver Coaching on YouTube and facebook. For more drills and games from Alf Galustian visit Soccer Session Planner.

Stoke City under-15s demonstrated the drills.

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Alfred Galustian Technique

Alfred Galustian

Co-founder, Coerver

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