Savage: Set-piece delivery

Robbie Savage gives you his tips for perfecting the in-swinging free kick

Set-piece delivery is everything; after the gaffer has spent countless hours on the training ground, coming up with elaborate runs and dummy-runs, the last thing he wants is for you to hit the walll.

The in-swinger, particularly from free-kicks, is often considered the most effective form of delivery; should your players fail to get a touch, there's still every chance the ball could end up in the back of the net. Welsh midfielder-turned-pundit Robbie Savage - a dead-ball specialist - prided himself on his delivery in these situations.

"You're basically trying to score," says Robbie. "You whip it in with pace, everyone runs across the keeper and it causes havoc."

Here he is talking more about perfecting this art & getting the most out of your set-plays.

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