Take control of the game

Want to upgrade your reaction speed and put the ball under your spell? We've got just the drill
Take control of the game


Mark out an area measuring 18 x 20 yards and divide it into three zones of 6 x 20 yards each. Two sets of four players start the drill in opposing end zones.


The coach starts the drill by tossing the ball up in the air to a player in one of the end zones. The player has to control the ball, keeping it airborne, either by juggling or passing to a team-mate. The ball must not touch the ground. Three different players must touch the ball before it can be struck over the central zone to the other end zone. A team loses a point if the ball bounces on their side or their delivery fails to make it over the central zone.


The dynamics of this drill require players to act fast and control the ball under pressure with different parts of the body.

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Jimmy Gilligan Technique

Jimmy Gilligan

Head Coach, Nike Academy

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