Theo Walcott's guide to sprinting

Arsenal and England speedster Theo Walcott gives you the lowdown on adding another gear to your sprinting
Afforded space to run into, with the ball at his feet, Theo Walcott sends full backs running for the hills screaming for help.

Armed with fuel injected pace he's every defender's worst nightmare. Once he opens his legs and tears past his opponent there's no stopping him. In 2004, at the age of 15, he clocked 11.52 seconds in a 100 metres race.

When he was at Southampton under the tutelage of Harry Redknapp, the current Spurs boss waxed lyrical about Walcott's rocket propelled surges down the wing.

"The kid can run through puddles and not make a splash - he drifts over the ground," he said.

Pace is an essential commodity in modern football, with a shift towards to athleticism and quicksilver counter attacks.

Watch this video to gain the edge in a foot race with a 4-step guide to sprinting from the Gunners and England speed demon.

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Theo Walcott

Arsenal and England speed demon

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